CS Executive New Syllabus 2024

In the steadily developing landscape of corporate administration and consistency, the Company Secretary (CS) assumes a critical part. This blog dives into the CS Executive New Syllabus, giving important experiences, subject subtleties, and methodologies to assist you with prevailing in this unique field. 

To outfit hopeful CS executives with the information and abilities expected to succeed in their jobs, the Organization of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) occasionally refreshes its syllabus. Accordingly, here is a clever blog specifying the CS new syllabus to help you plan for this test.

Who is a CS Executive?

A Company Secretary Executive, frequently referred to as a CS Executive, is an expert liable for guaranteeing the consistency and administration of a company. 

They assume a vital part in educating the board concerning chiefs and guaranteeing that the company sticks to all lawful and administrative necessities.

Level Duration
CS Foundation8 months
CS Executive9 months 
CS Professional10 months

CS Executive Subjects

  • The CS Executive new syllabus is intended to give thorough information to the examinees.
  • Its objective is to check the student’s ability in different parts of corporate administration, regulation, and money. 
  • It is separated into two modules, each with various subjects.

CS Executive June 2024 & December 2024 Syllabus

CS new syllabus was launched for the June 2024 examinations. Here is the CS Executive New Syllabus  for June and December 2024: 

Module 1

Old SyllabusNew SyllabusMarks
Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws100
Company Law                    Company Law & Practice100
Setting up of Business Entities and ClosureSetting Up of Business, Industrial &Labour Laws100
Tax LawsCorporate Accounting and Financial Management100

CS Executive Subjects for Module 1

Module 1 spotlights building serious areas of strength for company regulation and corporate administration. The subjects in Module 1 are as per the following:

  1. Company Law

This subject covers the lawful system administering organisations, including their development, the board, and consistency.

  1. Jurisprudence, Interpretation and General Laws

Understanding legitimate ideas and standards is pivotal for a CS. This subject covers statutes, understanding, and different general regulations that are fundamental for legitimate experts.

  1. Setting up of Business Entities and Closure

Here, you’ll find out about various sorts of business substances and the cycles associated with setting up or shutting them.

  1. Tax Laws

This subject dives into financial and business tax laws, including rivalry regulations, unfamiliar trade guidelines, and protected innovation privileges.

CS Executive Subjects for Module 2

Module 2 spotlights cutting-edge subjects that will assist you with turning into a specialist in your field. 

Module 2

Old SyllabusNew SyllabusMarks
Corporate & Management AccountingCapital Market & Securities Laws100
Securities Laws & Capital MarketsEconomic, Commercial and Intellectual Property Laws100
Economic, Business and Commercial LawsTax Laws & Practice100
Financial and Strategic Management100

The subjects in Module 2 are as per the following:

  1. Corporate and Management Accounting

This subject covers progressed bookkeeping ideas, including monetary examination, planning, and cost administration.

  1. Securities Laws and Capital Markets

You will find out about the administrative structure administering protections and capital business sectors, including stock trades and the SEBI Act.

  1. Industrial, Labour, and General Laws

Understanding work regulations and different modern guidelines is fundamental for overseeing HR in a company.

  1. Economic, Business and Commercial Laws

This subject dives into financial and business regulations, including rivalry regulations, unfamiliar trade guidelines, and protected innovation privileges.

CS Executive Important Exam Dates

Date CS Executive
December 21, 2024Jurisprudence, Interpretation, and General Laws (Module I)
December 22, 2024Securities Laws and Capital Markets (Module II)
December 23, 2024Company Law (Module I)
December 24, 2024Economic, Business, and Commercial Laws (Module II)
December 25, 2024No Examination
December 26, 2024Setting Up of Business Entities and Closure (Module I)
December 27, 2024Corporate and Management Accounting (Module I)
December 28, 2024Tax Laws (Module I)
December 29, 2024Financial and Strategic Management (Module II)

CS Executive Planning Strategy 2024

To succeed in the CS Executive tests, it’s urgent to have a very organised concentration on the plan. Here is a methodology to assist you with handling the syllabus successfully:

  1. Using Time Productively

Designate adequate opportunity for each subject given its weightage and your capability.

  1. Concentrate on Material

Utilise official ICSI concentrate on materials and course books for inside and out understanding.

  1. Normal Correction

Make a propensity for reconsidering your subjects routinely to hold data.

  1. Mock Tests

Practise with mock tests to find out more about the test design.

  1. Look for Direction

Make it a point to your coaches or expert CS executives for direction and backing.

  1. Remain Refreshed

Stay up to date with changes in guidelines and regulations, as this field is dynamic.

CS Exam Pattern

OMR-based questions for CS new syllabus Corporate Accounting and Financial Management(Module II)
No. of questions100 questions/paper
Type of questions20% Objective and 80% descriptive 

CS Executive New Syllabus: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs on CS new syllabus 

  1. Can I skip Module 1 and start with Module 2 in the CS Executive New Syllabus?

No, you should finish Module 1 preceding continuing toward Module 2. Every module expands on the information acquired in the past.

  1. How often does the ICSI update the CS Executive syllabus?

The ICSI audits and updates the syllabus occasionally to guarantee it stays applicable and in the know regarding the latest advancements in corporate administration and regulation.

  1. Are there any exemptions available for CS Executive subjects based on previous qualifications?

Exclusions are accessible for specific subjects if you have pertinent capabilities. Look at the ICSI’s true site for exclusion standards.

  1. How can I prepare for the practical training component of the CS Executive program?

Reasonable preparation is a vital piece of the CS Executive program. Guarantee that you secure a preparation position with a rehearsing company secretary and observe the ICSI rules for useful preparation.

  1. What is the pass percentage for CS Executive exams?

The breeze-through rate for CS Executive tests shifts from one year to another and relies upon the exhibition of competitors. It’s crucial to centre around your readiness as opposed to pass rates.

  1. Can I pursue other courses alongside CS Executive?

Indeed, you can seek other expert courses close by the CS Executive, however, it’s vital to deal with your time to succeed in both.


The CS Executive New Syllabus mirrors the changing scene of corporate administration and regulation. As a CS Executive competitor, you should remain refreshed and adjust to these changes. By grasping the subjects, arranging your review system, and looking for direction when required, you can set out on an effective excursion toward turning into a capable Company Secretary. 

Keep in mind that the job of a CS Executive is fundamental in guaranteeing the uprightness and consistency of organisations, and your insight and mastery will assume an imperative part of the corporate world. Best of luck with your examinations and future profession as a Company Secretary!

CS Executive New Syllabus 2024
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