The Institute of company secretary of India (ICSI) has been constituted under and act of parliament i.e. the company secretaries Act, 1980 to develop and regulate the profession of company secretaries

The council of the Institute of company secretary of India in exercise of the power vested under clause (a) of subsection (2) of section 15 of the company secretaries Act,1980 approved the new syllabus (ICSI syllabus 2022) for the CSEET, executive and professional program of the company secretary ship course. Which is a big step and good news of ICSI towards CS student. New syllabus of ICSI has brought many changes and improvement as compared to the old syllabus.

The new syllabus compromise of CSEET, executive and professional program with many changes and improvement.

CSEET:- The first level in company secretary ship course is company secretary executive entrance test (CSEET) new syllabus of CSEET comprises of four part


The examination of CSEET conducted through remote protected mode and based on multiple choice questions.

Minutely change in CSEET occurs in new syllabus by ICSI are.

  • 1. CS foundation pattern changed in CSEET pattern.
  • 2. CSEET are based on MCQs whereas CS foundation was 100% descriptive
  • 3. Subject of CSEET is totally different from CS foundation.

CS EXECUTIVE:- The second and important level in company secretary ship course is CS executive. At this level ICSI introduced student through principal, laws, interpretations and many more about company and make them a civil law expert.

New syllabus of CS executive program includes 7 subject in 2 group.

Group 1 consists of four paper

  • 1.Jurisprudence,interpretation of general law. 
  • 2.company law and practice 
  • 3.setting up of business industrial and labour law
  • 4.corporate accounting and financial management

Group 2 consists of three paper

  • 1. Capital market and security law
  • 2. Economics commercial and intellectual property law 
  • 3.Tax law and practice

All paper of executive program combination of both 20% case based objective type questions and 80% descriptive question except paper number 4. i.e. corporate accounting and financial management is 100% descriptive. Duration of each exam is 3 hour and each exam consists of 100 marks

ICSI brings many changes in executive program which are:-

  • 1. Exchange of setting up of business entities and closer into setting up of business industrial and labour law
  • 2. Group 1 tax law moved into group 2 with descriptive questions.
  • 3. Group 2 corporate accounting and financial management were merged and shifted into group 1.

CS PROFESSIONAL:- The third toughest and important level in CS course is CS professional. At this level ICSI provides student a full fledge practical based knowledge about their work as a professional CS and direct them about what are they supposed to do after CS.

New syllabus of CS professional program includes 7 subject in 2 group.

Group 1 consists of 4 paper.

  • 1.Environmental, social and governance (ESG)- principle and practice.
  • 2. Drafting pleading and appearance
  • 3. Compliance management, audit and due diligence
  • 4. Elective 1 (select 1 paper out of 4)

Group 2 consist of 3 paper.

  • 1. Strategic management and corporate finance.
  • 2. Corporate restructuring, valuation and insolvency.
  • 3. Elective 2 (select one out of 5)

Elective 1 and 2 paper contain choice between many subjects.

All exam are descriptive and elective paper consist both descriptive and open book. Each exam contains 100 marks with 3 hour.

Change made by ICSI in professional program are:-

  • 1. Old syllabus contains 3 module with 3 subject each group. whether new syllabus contain 2 module with 4 subject in group 1 and 3 subject in group 2.
  • 2. now only important chapters are given in professional program by ICSI.

The change of old syllabus of ICSI 2017 into new syllabus of ICSI 2022 brings many new opportunity for CS students. Students can take this opportunity in the good faith and grab it for a future company secretary.

Geetanjali Sharma
CS Executive -1

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