ICSI New Syllabus 2022

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India under the jurisdiction of Ministry Of corporate affairs has changed the syllabus of CS executive program of the Company Secretary ship course.

ICSI has Approved new syllabus in the year of 2022.

Student Registered Under executive program ICSI syllabus 2022 shall have to successfully complete pre examination test to became eligible to enroll and appear in the executive and professional examination.

Changes in paper –

Old syllabus 2017 has 2 module with 8 paper.

But now in new syllabus 2022 corporate and management accounting and financial strategies management are unified into single paper in group 1 namely – “Corporate Accounting and Financial Management” previously these two are different papers. Strategic management nd management accounting has been deleted in new syllabus 2022

First Examination –

Under ICSI new Syllabus 2022 of CS executive program will be held on December 2023.

Last attempt has appearing under ICSI old syllabus (2017) will be held on June 2024.

New syllabus of 2022 include 2 Groups with total number of paper is 7 each paper contains 100 marks.

Mode of examination –

Combination of both 20% of case study and 80% of description question all papers at CS executive program except paper no. 4 i.e corporate accounting and financial management which is 100% descriptive.

The Grouping of paper under group 1  of the executive program has been done keeping in view the critical aspects of ” Ease of learning , Balancing of theoretical or Legal and practical paper and strength of fundamental concept having relevance in the paper covered under subsequent Group -2.

The student are advised to give the priority to Group – 1 while appearing in executive program paper

Drishti Pandey
CS executive

ICSI New Syllabus 2022
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